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Harness Parts - Classic Range

Variety of harness parts for Classic Harness Sets

Our wide range of

Bridle Components - FS Nosebands **CLEARANCE**

Brand New Nosebands, 2 available now at a reduced price.

Blinkers & Cheeks - Classic

Supplied with Classic, Elite & ZGB Harness, Rolled wire filled stays can be shaped for a customised fit. Pony & Large Pony sizes are proportioned to suit smaller heads.

Blinkers - Dolly Varden

Design allows for more vision than standard blinkers

Blinkers - Fine Patent

Elegantly proportioned, patent finish blinker suitabe for ponies & larger horses with fine heads. Fits other `Fine Bridle` parts which have narrower strapping for a more elegant appearance.

Blinkers - Grounds View Plus

Same dimensions as the Classic Blinkers, but with the bottom corner cut away for increased ground view. Suitable for Team & Tandem Wheelers. Cheeks are 19mm wide.

Brake Strap

As shown in blue in diagram, Fits ZGB, Elite & Classic Breastplates. Enables the breastplate to be balanced. Sizes available Pony, Cob, FS, XFS

Breastplate - Classic - Single

Traditionally styled breastplate with 32mm trace buckles, features a padded lining, colour trim may be fitted to suit individual requirements. Padded fixed ring wither strap. Sizes Pony 96cm, Cob 110cm, FS 120cm

Breeching - Classic

As ZGB but more elegantly styled, now with double hip straps for improved stability. Smooth padded breeching seat 60mm wide. Hip straps are 19mm wide. The complete breeching set is available in 4 sizes. Replacement hip straps available for seperate purchase, price given below is for a single hip strap.

Breeching Straps EZ **NEW PRODUCT**

New style of single breeching straps which are very easy to adjust, incl rein snap.

Breeching Straps - Large

Size: 127cm x 25mm: Supplied in FS & XFS ZGB Single, Pair & Team, Elite Single only & Classic Single single & Sliding Backband

Breeching Straps - Large **WINTER SPECIAL**

Pair of new breeching straps, suitable for a large cob or FS horse, includes parrot clips

Breeching Straps - Medium **New Product**

Size: 114cm x 19mm: Supplied as standard in Cob Size ZGB Single, Pair & Team. Elite Single only & Classic Single & Sliding Backband.

Breeching Straps - Small ** New Product**

Size: 102cm x 19mm: Supplied as standard in Pony Size Classic Single & sliding backband harness sets.

Bridle - Classic range

As supplied with Classic, Elite & ZGB Harness sets. All bridle parts are interchangeable between Cob, FS & XFS. Pony size has finer straps which can be interchanged with SL parts.

Bridle Components - Fine Nosebands - 13mm

Supplied Classic Pony & Patent Bridles.

Bridle Components - Nosebands - 19mm

Supplied in Classic, Elite & ZGB. Double Buckle adjust,=ment & padded chin.

Bridle Rosettes - Decorative

Supplied with Classic, Elite & ZGB Bridles, sold in pairs

Classic Breastplate Wither Strap **WINTER SALE**

Cob Size wither strap, 2 available.

Classic Browband - Standard

Supplied with Classic, Elite & ZGB Harness, 19mm wide

Classic Cob Bridle ** SECONDHAND**

Lightly used Cob Bridle, great saving on new price

Classic Pony Bridle **SECONDHAND**

As new condition only been used twice, customer changed their mind & returned it.

Classic Pony Dolly Varden Blinkers **SECONDHAND**

Lightly used Dolly Varden Blinkers

Classic Pony Martingale **SECONDHAND**

2 to choose from older style of classic harness

Classic QR Tugs **SECONDHAND**

Pair of lightly used Classic QR Tugs

Coupling Straps

Used to team harness to link breastplates of two leader horses together

Crupper - Fixed Dock

Same as std crupper, except the dock is sewn into place, popular for tandem & team leaders as there are no buckles to catch the leader reins. Sizes: Pony 80cm - 95cm, Cob 90cm - 105cm, FS 100cm - 125cm, XFS 105cm - 140cm

Crupper - Standard

Newly designed crupper sitts flatter against the horses back & features a new soft foam paddock dock Sizes: Pony 80cm - 95cm, Cob 90cm - 105cm, FS 100cm - 125cm, XFS 105cm - 140cm.

Crupper - Tail Tie

Same as the standard crupper but with a hard dock, designed to secure the horses tail & prevent it being flicked over the reins.

Driving Saddle - Fixed Backband - Cob & FS

Suppled with pads 45mm, Width of saddle Cob & FS 100mm.

Driving Saddle - Fixed Backband - Pony

Classic pony saddle now has integrated connector straps instead of the ring for extra adjustment of shaft loop position.. Width of saddle 100mm

Driving Saddle -Sliding Backband Pad

For 2 wheeled vehicles or 4 wheeled vehicles with rigid fixed shafts. Unique design Zilco terrets for free movement of backband. Allows the shafts to self balance for more comfortable ride for both horse & passengers.. Width of saddle: Pony 100mm, Cob 125mm, FS 125mm. Pad Thickness: Pony 32mm, Cob & FS 45mm

Empathy Collar - Pony **SECONDHAND**

Lightly used complete Empathy Collar set. 1 available

Empathy Collar - QR Trace Buckles for Pair

For use with Pair harness, universal size to fit pony, cob or FS, Suitable for Classic 32mm traces.

Empathy Collar Complete Set - Cob & FS

Mk 4 Empathy Breastplate for Single. Incl Breastplate, Wither Strap, Brake Strap, Martingale, QR Trace Fittings, Can easily be changed to Pairs by purchasing QR Trace 32mm fittings for Pairs. Cob Breastplate Size 100cm long, FS 112cm long.

Empathy Collar Complete Set - Pony

Mk 4 Breastplate for Single. Incl Breastplate 85cm wide, Wither Strap, Brake Strap, Martingale, QR Trace Fittings: Photo shows trace fittings for a Pairs breastplate, can be easily changed to Pairs harness by purchasing QR Trace Fittings for Pairs.

Empathy Girth - Classic

Girth for Classic Saddles with 25mm buckles, elastic and comfy Empathy Shape

False Martingale - Classic

Designed to keep the breastplate in place

Flash Converter & Strap

Simple & easy to convert a standard noseband. Simply fold the converter over the noseband & thread the flash strap through the slots. Sizes: Pony 66cm, Cob 68cm, FS 71cm, XFS 75cm

Gullet Safety Strap - 16mm

Connects the noseband to the throatlash, helps prevent the bridle being accidently pulled off. Sizes available: Pony 12cm - 18cm, Cob/FS 18cm - 22cm

Loose Buckle Piece

Designed to be used with the pair breeching straps. Suitable for Elite & Classic PAIR HARNESS. Buckles to the breeching ring for connection to the Pair Breeching Strap. size 25mm sold in pairs

Martingale-Empathy Collar **WINTER SALE**

1 available at a special price

Pairs Breeching Straps

Slot end breeching straps are 25mm wide & are fitted to the breastplate buckle underneath the trace, other end of the strap buckles into the loose buckle piece. Suit Classic & Elite Pairs Harness.

Pole Straps

Supplied with Pairs & Team Harness Sets, also available as an extra

QR 25mm Marathon Tugs **WINTER SPECIAL OFFER**

1 set available. Designed for use with marathon vehicles with telescopic shafts. Features 2 extra straps, one wraps around the saddle to prevent movement forwards & backwards & one anchors the tug to the D ring on the bottom of the saddle.s

QR Tugs - Classic

The design of these tugs ensure that they remain in place when in use, yet they are quick & easy to remove, perfect for closed end shafts.Available as 25mm, width 25mm x length of strap 63cm. If you need 32mm wide QR Tugs please look under Elite/ZGB Parts

Replacement Saddle Pads - Classic

Made of high density foam, in two thicknesses. Pony Saddles are supplied with 30mm pads, Cob/FS saddles are supplied with 45mm pads.

Retainer Strap - Pony,Cob, FS

Strap buckles onto the dee at the top of the wither strap & the clip attaches to the ring at the front of the sadle, designed to prevent the wither strap from sliding forward.

Saddle Connecting Straps - Classic

25mm to suit Classic Saddles, they loop onto the saddle dee, designed to secure shaft loops/tugs in place, supplied with Cob & FS Classic Harness Sets not sliding backband

Shaft Loops

Made from 25mm strapping, used in Classic harness sets normally with 2 wheel carriages to allow the shafts to float in the loops. One size fits Pony, Cob & FS Harness

Soft Dock

Soft, flexible dock with foam padding

Tail Tie Dock

Hard dock design used to secure the horses tail & prevent it being ficked over the reins. Popular choice with Tandem & Team leaders.

Trace Carry Straps

Synthetic 16mm wide, size 24cm - 42cm long

Traces - Dee & Slot

32mm wide, dee end allows a QR connection to the vehicle, whilst the addition of the slot means that they can also be used with a regular swingle tree. Supplied as standard with Classic single, pairs and team harness

Traces - Dee End

50mm wide, dee end allows a QR connection to the vehicle to be used.

Traces - Open Loop Classic Harness

32mm wide to suit Classic & Empathy braestplates, designed for use with roller bolts or round swingle trees. Optional choice for Classic harness sets.

Traces - Tandem Leader

Stainless Steel snaps & bungee anchor points. Supplied in all standard sets of Classic Tandem Harness

Zilco Pony Nosebands **CLEARANCE**

2 older style Zilco Pony Nosebands

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