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Bits - Non Zilco

Size: 5 inch - 6.5 inch, Smaller bits please see BIts - Small Pony/Donkey

Our wide range of high quality stainless steel driving bits

Buxton Bit

Traditional bit not as common these days, can be used for Pairs driving. Similar to a Liverpool bit, it differs in the cheeks being far longer with various rein options. This is a STRONG Bit with long shanks joined at the end for stability.

Eggbutt Snaflle Mullen Mouth Bit

Useful bit used in riding. Mouthpiece thickness 12mm, Ring Size 42mm.

Liverpool 2 slot Ported Bit

Reversible ported bit designed to allow more room for the tongue in the centre of the bit. Mouthpiece thickness 14mm, Cheek Length 16.5cm

Liverpool 2 Slot Straight Bar Bit

Reversible bit, comes complete with a double link curb chain

Liverpool 3 slot Straight Bar Bit

Bit is reversible, comes complete with a double link curb chain. Mouthpiece thickness 15mm, Cheek Length 21cm.

Military Bit

Also known as Elbow Ported Bit, similar to a Liverpool bit except that the cheeks are set back at a square angle at the mouth.

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