The Empathy contour breastplate is a careful blend of ancient & proven harness systems, with lightweight materials that combine strength with low maintenance & maximum comfort.
* New for Jan 2024 it has the Zeather (Zilco synthetic leather) lining on the bearing surfaces with memory foam padding & quick release stainless steel fittings.
The breastplate is available alone in Small Pony (Single & Pair) (Mk 3 Breastplate), Pony, Cob & FS (Mk 4 Breastplate)
Sml Pony - Single (480024) 70cm
Sml Pony - Pairs (481123) 85cm
Pony - Single (481223) 85cm
Cob - Single (481323) 100cm
FS - Single (481423) 112cm
The breastplate front is available alone or as part of Collar sets.